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About Me

My name is Dhespina Ago and I’m the founder of Hug the Earth! A few months ago, I started experimenting with creating skincare products in my kitchen. To my surprise, I found that it was actually super easy! 


I realised that, not only can we make our own skincare products, but we can even make them better than the ones we buy on the high street. This is because the products you make yourself will be much more concentrated and have higher quality ingredients than ”big brand” products. 

It was this realisation that led me to create Hug the Earth, a DIY, eco-friendly skincare brand, designed to help empower us by giving us the tools and knowledge to make our own products; all while being kind to our Earth!

It may come as a surprise, but we can create a lot more than we think; all we need is the ingredients, and a bit of guidance.

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